Piston ring types

Piston rings play a very important part in internal combustion engines. They must absorb the combustion pressure, cool the piston, keep the oil in the crankcase and provide a film of oil on the cylinder wall. Most modern 4-stroke engines are usually fitted with three piston rings per cylinder. The first ring holds back the combustion gases. The second ring helps to hold back combustion gases and also scrapes the oil downward. The third ring holds the oil where it needs to be.

Compression rings
C1THN Type C1Rectangular compression ring
C2THN Type C2Taper faced compression ring
C3THN Type C3Internally beveled compression ring
C4THN Type C4Internally stepped compression ring
C5THN Type C5Ridge dodger ring
C6THN Type C6Keystone compression ring
C7THN Type C7Half-keystone compression ring
C8THN Type C8Taper faced scraper ring
C9THN Type C9Barrel faced compression ring
CLTHN Type CLL-ring
Scraper rings
S11THN Type S11Napier ring
S13THN Type S13Taper faced napier ring
Oil control rings
O21THN Type O21Oil control ring
O23THN Type O23Double-beveled oil control ring
O25THN Type O25Double-beveled oil control ring
WO21THN Type WO21Coil ring-loaded slotted oil control ring
WO23THN Type WO23Coil ring-loaded beveled-edge oil control ring
WO25THN Type WO25Coil ring-loaded beveled-edge oil control ring
3XOTHN Type 3XO3-piece oil control ring

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You will find everything about piston rings in our piston ring brochure. The brochure tells you more about the piston rings’ function and of course includes an extensive overview of all piston ring types, joint types, options and coatings.

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In the case of highly specific applications, it may be that the piston ring required is not in stock. These piston rings can still be specially produced in any dimension and finish desired. There is a minimum lead time of 24 hours for these.

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