Custom plain bearings

Custom plain bearings

Bespoke plain bearings

There is a growing demand for custom plain bearings with non-standard specifications. THN always works with its customer to find a solution. We can supply plain bearings in a wide variety of materials, sizes, tolerances and designs.


THN is supplying a growing number of clients with custom plain bearings made from materials such as sintered bronze BP 25, SINT A50, SINT A51, SINT B50, SINT B51, impregnated with MoS2, or just plain bearings with different alloys.

Special models

  • Spherical plain bearings, self-adjusting if required
  • Plain bearings with special grooves
  • Plain bearings with recesses
  • Plain bearings with non-standard tolerances

Customer service

THN customer service

If you’re looking for custom plain bearings, get in touch with our customer service. We’ll be happy to help.

Call our customer services on: +33 (0)3 72 39 51 51

THN customer service

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