Hardened ground shafts

Hardened ground shafts are steel shafts the outer layer of which has been induction hardened. They are primarily known for their linear application, and are also called linear shafts. The hardened exterior and the “soft” core mean the shafts are highly durable and brittleness is prevented.

THN has a wide range of hardened ground shafts in stock consisting of shafts in trade lengths of 6000 mm to 8000 mm. The stock consists of many shafts in the most common material CF53, as well as various chrome steels and stainless steel varieties.

Machining of hardened ground shafts

CodeDescriptionMetric / InchDimension
TSSolid shaftsMetric3 mm to 120mm
TTHollow shaftsMetric12 mm to 100mm
TSSolid shaftsInch1/8" to 3"
TDRadial drilled shaftsMetric12 mm to 50mm
Steel typeSurface hardness HRCTensile strength N/mm2Surface roughness Ra max.
CF53 (1.1213)min. 59≥ 6100.30
C60 (1.0601)min. 59≥ 6500.30
X46Cr13 (1.4034)min. 52≥ 6500.30
X90CrMoV18 (1.4112)min. 54≥ 7500.30

Other materials such as 42CrMo4 and X105CrMo17 are available on request.


Properties hardened ground shafts

Key properties of hardened ground shafts are:

  • High-precision tolerances on diameter
  • High-precision tolerance on roundness
  • High-precision tolerance on straightness
  • High-precision tolerance on parallelism
  • Low surface roughness
  • High wear resistance due to hard exterior

Properties hardened ground shafts


Hardened ground shaft application

Common application of hardened ground shafts are:

  • Linear applications
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Hinge pins for heavy loads
  • Piston rods for heavy-duty applications
  • Corner profiles for bending machines
  • Basic material for ball screws
  • Drive shafts for heavy-duty applications

Hardened ground shaft application

Production and logistics

The range of hardened ground shafts has in stock is always at least 50 tons in trade lengths of 6 meters to 8 meters. This stock is stored in a separate warehouse. The working stock is always kept in a production hall where the shafts are manufactured by length and where processing is performed.

Part of the working stock in production hall

Part of the working stock of shafts

Storage section of hardened ground shafts

Storage section of shafts

Packing section of hardened ground shafts

Packing section of shafts

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Download linear brochure

In our linear components brochures, you will find everything to do with our range of hardened ground shafts, ball bearings, bearing housings, shaft support blocks, and shaft support rails. The brochures furthermore include extensive overviews of types, sizes and finishes.

Download linear brochure

Download linear brochure

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