Other plain bearings

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Other plain bearings for a variety of conditions and applications

These plain bearings are less common but are just as crucial for specific applications and are often required to operate under changing conditions. Whenever the standard range does not go far enough for applications in the food industry or applications that require precision bearings or operate under extremely severe conditions, THN can always supply the right plain bearings.

THN Plain Bearings Miscellaneous 02 2

Examples of other plain bearings

Here are some common examples of other plain bearings:

  • Spherical and self-adjusting plain bearings
  • Bearing blocks with or without bearing
  • Plastic plain bearings
  • Steel bearings
  • Fiberglide bearings
  • Wrapped plain bearings, internal clamping
  • Woven plastic bearings
  • High-grade bronze/aluminum alloys

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